Cover photo from “Detox is no fashion fad”

Detox is no fashion fad Greenpeace


When Greenpeace needed to reach new media with their new campaign and an inconvenient truth, I created the media strategy  and messaging to help journalists sit up and take note.

The challenge

With its focus on pushing fashion brands to ‘clean up’ pollution caused during manufacturing, the Greenpeace Detox campaign naturally leant itself to these audiences. However, media coverage in this typically ‘hard-to-get’ sector wasn’t forthcoming.

The strategy

Create relevant content and dig deep to identify stories appealing to our target audiences.

The solution

Together with a strong set of video and photo assets created specifically for fashion and creative media, the Detox media and content strategy reached out to these communities by highlighting the conceptual and creative aspects of the assets – the photographers, makeup artists and creatives behind production.

In this way we directly played into well-versed fashion story angles and media coverage, while at the same time embedding key campaign messages, and putting pressure on the campaign’s target brands.

The results

The approach achieved record coverage for Greenpeace in advertising, marketing, fashion and lifestyle press – both online and off. Coverage included Huffington Post,  The campaign broke 100,000 supporter sign-ups in a week, and snowballing coverage spread throughout the blogosphere, leading to a succession of brands like Levi’s, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Zara and Benetton committing to Detox in the face of the media onslaught.