Cover photo from “Launching Chocolate 2.0”

Launching Chocolate 2.0 Barry Callebaut

Storytelling strategy

When leading Swiss chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut wanted to announce a paradigm shift in chocolate production, I developed a storytelling strategy, messaging and scripting for their exclusive Venice launch event.

The Challenge

Since chocolate came to European shores over 200 years ago, its recipe and flavour profile has largely remained the same – until now. Scientists at Barry Callebaut have redesigned the farming, fermentation and roasting process to produce a new type of chocolate with 50% less sugar and more chocolate flavour. How does one of the world’s biggest chocolate manufacturers tell the story of this milestone, making the complex innovation and technology story palatable to both industry and media at the same time?

The Strategy

Like chocolate itself, create a sense-filled, information-rich interactive storytelling experience. Working with agency We Are Live, and starting with a heritage story, we leveraged key subject matter experts from Barry Callebaut, with our CEO leading proceedings, to frame the ‘chocolate 2.0’ innovation within the context of today’s market, trends and market opportunity.

The Solution

At our exclusive launch event in Venice, Italy, audiences were taken on an immersive, multi-media tour through modern chocolate history, as told by the experts from Barry Callebaut. Our narrative included an animated video, CEO context and reflections, Marketing Director insights and compelling video and storytelling presented by Barry Callebaut’s heads of research and development. Following the presentation, attendees of the live event were then able to taste-test the new generation of ‘chocolate happiness.’

The results

The live and online launch event were strongly attended by thousands of representatives from both the chocolate industry and (trade) media around the world, including the likes of Bloomberg, AP and Reuters, resulting in a growing number of international new items and media coverage (at time of publishing). Barry Callebaut made a splash with their announcement, and brands and artisans are now able to develop a full range of second generation chocolate creations.

Attending guests were part of an immersive storytelling experience to highlight a groundbreaking innovation from chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.
CEO of Barry Callebaut, Peter Boone.
Head of Cocoa Science at Barry Callebaut, Marcello Corno.