Cover photo from “Designer of a new age”

Designer of a new age

Executive Profiling

When designer Marcel Wanders wanted to take a fresh approach to reputation and public image, I developed a strategy and lead a team to help him get there.

The Challenge

Billed by the New York Times as “the Lady Gaga of the design world,” Marcel Wanders is known for his statement interiors and product design. Previously focussed on design rather than the communication of it, the studio’s ad hoc approach required a new framework for the purposes of business development.

The Strategy

Marcel is a controversial figure in the design world, simultaneously revered and reviled with no in between. Developed together with Marcel and the senior studio team, my strategy focussed on making Marcel more accessible by demystifying the man and his work.

The Solution

Very quickly we put in place regular digital communications to help tell the story of studio successes, work and philosophy. Video storytelling became an important part of this, together with building key social media platforms, all guided by a strong and tailored editorial direction.

Channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram became a focus for our activity, and engagement and fans increased by an average of 100% in a 12 month period.

The Results

  • 200% increase in newsletter subscribers
  • 92% increase in Twitter followers
  • 56% increase in Facebook fans
  • 45% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • Growth of Instagram account to 2,657 followers in 6 month period