Cover photo from “The next generation of reproductions”

The next generation of reproductions Van Gogh Museum

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When Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum wanted to launch a bold, new art reproduction product, I conducted market research and provided a go-to-market strategy to help them launch with impact.

The Challenge

Provide a go-to-market strategy for the Van Gogh Museum’s bold, new art reproduction product, Relievo, to drive sales and enhance the museum’s reputation in an (art) world critical of replicas.

The Strategy

Diving into Van Gogh’s own history, and together with extensive market research and collaboration alongside senior museum management, I provided an A to Z launch strategy which enabled the Van Gogh museum to premiere its new product in key markets to critical acclaim.

The Solution

This strategy focussed on highlighting the technology behind the product, the exclusive nature of the innovation and importantly from archives, Vincent van Gogh’s own beliefs about art and reproductions to present a product that he himself would have stood by.

Recommendations for launch content, location and concepts were provided, as well as messaging guidelines and concept copy.

Relievo was launched in the summer of 2013 with a focus in the US and Asia. The product enjoyed positive press attention, provocative discussion among art critics, and today garners steady sales. At the same time, through communications the Van Gogh Museum has been positioned as an innovator in art reproduction technologies.