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One setting for everything Philips

Consumer Lifestyle

When Philips introduced a new garment care product with no temperature setting – I developed the strategy and tools to help markets globally create a standout launch campaign.

The Challenge

When it was introduced, Philips PerfectCare was a true innovation in garment care – an iron with no temperature setting dial, suitable for any fabric. Philips wanted a 360 campaign that raises awareness in an impactful way, while at the same time positioning the product as a revolution in ironing.

The Strategy

Build excitement at launch, and generate ‘test & review’ coverage that introduces PerfectCare with impact, telling the story of the new product innovation and how it makes consumers’ lives easier.

The Solution

Supporting the campaign’s main media channels (TV and online), a comprehensive PR toolkit was created with touchpoints centred around professional endorsers, blogger and media outreach, and influencer seeding.

As a result of this campaign, Philips took 3x more orders than forecasted, in addition to strong double-digit market share gains compared to before launch, ranging from +17% to +51%.

The campaign also received the highest pretesting scores in message clarity, purchase intent, and other metrics of any Philips campaign in the previous 5 years, benchmarking the campaign for the organisation.