Cover photo from “You can’t beat an original”

You can’t beat an original Philips


When Philips acquired espresso pioneers Saeco for their growing coffee business, I created a breakthrough PR campaign to assert the strength of the new Philips Saeco marker’s mark.

The Challenge

After merging with Italian espresso machine pioneers Saeco, Philips needed to consolidate its position in the espresso appliance market, while asserting the strength of the new Philips Saeco maker’s mark. Philips wanted a bold campaign to match to make a statement to the market, while at the same time building on the strength of Saeco’s and their own heritage in coffee appliances.

The Strategy

You can’t beat an original.

Simple and to the point, we had the heritage of the Saeco brand on our side. As the inventor of the fully automatic espresso appliance, Saeco had a track record in quality and innovation that we could draw on to reinforce the ‘original is best’ message.

The Solution

We developed a range of PR activities designed to drive preference and reinforce recommendation of these flagship products.

Targeting a range of lifestyle and special interest media, this 3-phase campaign showcased the pioneering status of Philips Saeco through a series of round table events, highlighted the brand’s Italian heritage, and activated a range of consumer advocates.

Opportunities were created at every level to encourage touch and try, and to reinforce product key messages.