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The DNA of nature Ebony and Co

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When premium hardwood flooring company Ebony and Co wanted to articulate the essence of who they are, we went on a journey to discover what story wanted to emerge.

The Challenge

For over 3 decades, Ebony and Co has been installing luxury hardwood flooring in the homes and spaces of some of the world’s biggest names, from Bill and Hilary Clinton to Louis Vuitton. As the company enters a new era in growth and development, with new staff and partner hires, there was a need to better capture and distill the essence of the brand and company culture, and how this story is told to the world.

The Strategy

Company cultures foster collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, empowering employees to thrive – or otherwise. In times of change, culture becomes important, as does a roadmap to intentionally influence positive changes in organisational values. Together with company founders and senior management, we worked through a series of collaborative workshops, Q&A sessions and deep dives into where Ebony and Co has been, what makes it unique today, and where the team wants to grow tomorrow.

The Solution

The collaboration produced a key foundational document: a brand book. Extensively and carefully curated through input from across the organisation, the book is “a comprehensive exploration of our brand and company, delving into all our hows, whys, and what-we-stand-fors.” Alongside work on the brand book, we started to explore possible aspirational new creative and communications routes for brand storytelling in the future.

The results

Senior management launched the new brand book through a global all-hands meeting, which is now used in all on-boarding of new hires. Feedback to date has been “positivity from all sides,” says Ebony and Co Brand Manager, with chapters being used in unique ways in different global offices to embed the new culture. The book was also the launching pad for a key workshop at a 3 day offsite to further bring to life brand personas, and company mission and vision, to strengthen sales and marketing efforts.

With this key document now in place, as part of this work, Ebony and Co also had the confidence to start taking the first steps to exploring and evolving their brand communications platform for the future. An exciting next step!

Possible futures: Positioning Ebony and Co as the contemporary ‘zeitgeist brand’ for floors.