Cover photo from “The Never Ending List”

The Never Ending List IKEA


When IKEA wanted to tell the world about their sustainability efforts, I helped them develop the language and the idea to do it.

The Challenge

Refresh and bring new life to communication of IKEA’s cornerstone Never Ending List, highlighting the diverse sustainability initiatives of the iconic homewares retailer.

The Strategy

Real stories, simply told.

By its own admission, IKEA’s job when it comes to sustainability self-improvement is ‘never ending.’ The company’s well-known ‘Never Ending List’ is a widely published taxonomy of corporate initiatives that is utilised online, instore and in the famous annual catalogue.

Built to last: IKEA’s Never Ending List is a cornerstone sustainability initiative.

The Solution

In keeping with IKEA’s refreshingly honest ‘communication with a wink,’ a range of updates and additions to the Never Ending List were completed for the Swedish head office, and deployed to stores globally.